Sanwo-Olu Shuts Down Dosunmu Market Following Fire Outbreak

Lqgos Sate governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has announced the closure of Dosunmu Market following the fire out break at the market.

The governor who was at the market for an on site assessment said a full investigatiion will be conducted.

He made the announcement on his Facebook page.

“Dear Lagosians, following the tragic fire at Dosunmu Market, I visited the site to assess the damage and meet with affected individuals. The fire, a result of mishandling flammable materials, led to significant loss. We have initiated a full investigation to determine the cause and implement stricter safety protocols.

“am disappointed with the conversion of residential buildings into storage for hazardous materials. This practice contributed to the rapid spread of the fire and must end. We will hold accountable those who flout our building and safety standards”, the post read.

“In our meeting with victims and stakeholders, we discussed both immediate and long-term support measures. An integrity test on standing structures is now mandatory, and Dosunmu Market will remain closed until we can ensure the safety of all structures and compliance with regulations. Unapproved buildings will be demolished. Our commitment to safety and order in our markets is unwavering.

“The Ministry of Physical Planning will intensify its efforts to enforce building codes and prevent misuse of residential properties. We cannot overlook the safety of our citizens.

“Iassure all affected that we are exploring every avenue to assist you and prevent future incidents. The tragedy at Dosunmu Market must prompt us to adhere more strictly to safety standards”, the post further read.

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