Saraki Ladies Vanguard Congratulates Wimbiz @20th Anniversary

Saraki Ladies Vanguard has described Wimbiz tweny years of existence as highly impactful.

Congratulating Wimbiz on behalf of the Saraki Ladies Vanguard, Annabel Chukwuemeka, said the impact and contributions of the organisation on the society and economy is commendable.

“The tenacity and determination to give a voice and encourage women in business has given rise to many who have blazed the sometimes unfriendly conditions to actualize their dreams.

“Women have become champions in several fields and the numbers are still counting. With this huge success, women participation in politics should be increased encouraged and supported”, the statement read.

“All over the world women are making great strides in politics, Nigerian women should rise up to this challenge

“As we look to 2023, more women should be involve, the task of building back our nation should be all inclusive, power will not be given, it must be taken. Let’s join hands in politics and contribute our quota to healing and making Nigeria great again”, the statement further read.


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