Seyi Law Writes President Tinubu To Stop Hardship Across Nigeria

Popular comedian, Seyi Law has written an open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu urging him take quick action to reduce the hardship across the land.

Seyi who doesn’t hide his support for President Tinubu, said in the letter he published on his X handle on Monday that the President must fine solutions to the current high cost of living and hunger in the country.

Nigerians on and off social media have complained bitterly on how expensive goods and services have become.

He said: “Can you now imagine what great protest it would be for Nigerians to troop into the streets because of hunger, insecurity and inability to afford basic amenities?. I don’t want to imagine it and talk more of joining them,” Seyi Law said while itemising things that he expected the Tinubu government to have put on ground to cushion the effects of removal of fuel subsidy as the administration is approaching its first anniversary.

“Mr. President, it will be sad to lose the goodwill of over 8.9 million people who voted you because of the incompetence of the people in your cabinet.

“I believe at the mark of one year, there should be an appraisal of everyone, and those found wanting must go.

“Sir, we are waiting patiently on the PCNG buses initiative and soft measures on food availability and affordability. The issue of electricity is deeply concerning. We need members of your cabinet to communicate more effectively with visible action plans.

“Nigerians followed the continuous updates from the minister of interior, the actions of Governor Wike, and the progress of minister Bosun Tijani.

“We are therefore forced to ask what the others are doing because we don’t want a situation where someone who served with you will enjoy the liberty of going on the media to proffer solutions where he or she one’s failed”.

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