Silent Revolution in Enone As Dr. Ottah Agbo Moves To Deliver On More Critical Projects

By Enoch Udah

The Honourable Member representing Ado/Ogbadibo/Okpokwu Federal Constituency, Dr. Francis Ottah Agbo, on Saturday, continued the journey on the Liberation Train as he inspected the ongoing rehabilitation of the 20- Kilometre Igumale- Ulayi- Ijigban Road in Ado LGA of Benue State.

Communities in Igumale, Ulayi, Ijigban, Izzi, Ezza and Effium suffer during the rainy seasons as they are usually cut off from one another and find it hard to get to other places due to the condition of the road.

Rep. Francis Ottah Agbo

The rehabilitation work when completed would serve the multiple purpose of not just linking Igumale with Ulayi, Ijigban ,Izzi, Ezza and Effium communities to facilitate agricultural and commercial activities among the people but would also serve as a major gateway to Ebonyi State.

Dr. Ottah Agbo who is also the Chairman of the House Committee on Narcotic Drugs and Spokesman of the Minority Caucus in the House of Representatives, said he is in a hurry to rehabilitate the road before the rainy season to avoid a situation where the people in these communities would be cut off from Otukpo and the urban areas.

The FeedBack Lawmaker who is also known as the Ozigizaga and the Moving Train of Enone Politics who personally went round the site, expressed satisfaction with the pace of work!

He said anything that affects members of his Constituency affects him personally saying that is why he is concerned about seeing that the rehabilitation work is completed on time.

“I can only be happy when I see that my people are happy, I can only smile when I see my people smiling, that is why I am here to see the progress made on this road which completion I know would bring succour, relief and joy to my people.

“So far, I can say that the work is going on as expected but I’ll keep my eye on it to make sure we do not disappoint in terms of both quality and speed,” he stated.

The Site Engineer, Mr. Chris Oriri who conducted the Talk-Na- Do Lawmaker round the huge construction site, said five of the culverts on the road are bad and “irredeemable.”

He said the culverts went bad too soon because they were not built according to specifications explaining that the road also requires wide drains to channel out the water so as to make it durable.

The Site Engineer said new solid culverts will be constructed this time and promised to deliver on the entire rehabilitation on or before the end of May.

The Ozigizaga was accompanied to the site by the Ogbadibo PDP Chairman, Hon. Vincent Amuche , former Ado LGC Chairman, Hon. Abel Onazi, former Ado LGC Vice Chairman, Hon. Andy Otokpa, the Ado PDP Vice Chairman, Hon. Emmanuel Onminyi Oche, former SSA to the Governor of Benue State, Hon.Emmanuel Ogaba, SA, Community Relations to the House of Representatives Member, Hon. Samuel Ogbu, aka Pendu, the Councillor representing Igumale Ward ii and Organising Secretary to Benue State Councillors’ Forum, Hon. Patience Egwurube and her Ijigban counterpart, Hon. Adai Adikwu, Ijigban PDP Ward Chairman, Hon. Christopher Edeh, former Ado Supervisory Councillor, Hon Isaac Adadu and Abuja-based Enterpreneur Miss Paulyn Nath.

Others are the Ulayi PDP leader, Hon. Matthew Ejeh Ogaba, Ulayi PDP Ward Chairman, Hon. Ejeh Agbo, Ijigban PDP Woman Leader, Mrs Helen Ekpe and a host of party supporters and friends.


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