Skales Accuses EFCC Of Illegally Invading His Home


Afrobeats artiste Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, better known as Skales has accused the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of illegally raided his house at 4 a.m. on Tuesday.

Skales who performed during the grand finale of the BBN All Stars said on X account (formerly known as Twitter), that personnel of the anti- graft agency stormed his house while he was with his 6-month-old daughter and family. He alleged that the invading EFCC agents hit his producer with a stick.

“Imagine these people pulling up like this to a room where my 6-month-old and my daughter and her were sleeping.

“They destroyed my back door. How do you threaten to rope an innocent person into something he did not do? Is that not illegal?I guess this is where my lawyer will step in. I am still shivering because it just dawned on me that this happened to me in front of my family and I’m scared now”.

Skales went on to say an agency staff, called to threaten him:

“Now one of them whose name is Femi called me threatening that he could rope me into something because of my outburst on social media. An outburst caused by the unprofessional manner in which they gained entry into my home at 4 a.m., while I had my 6-month-old child and her mum sleeping”.

The 32-year-old further claimed, “Meaning they did not find “anything” illegal on myself and the remaining others which are my daughter, DJ Spicey and my daughter’s nannies which is why we were not arrested.

“The EFCC alleged that they found ‘things’ in the phones of the two people they arrested who came to make music with me. One escorted the producer I’m working with to my house and the other is an artiste I’m helping to shape his career…

“Even when I went outside to ask who would fix my back door, they said I should go back inside. They ceased my phone after checking and they saw nothing but my neighbours recorded them beating up one of my neighbours. I’m so scared right now my daughter is still crying.”(sic)

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