Super Falcons Made A Statement With Round 16 Performance-Plumtree

Super Falcons defender Ashleigh Plumptre has said her teamย performed creditably well despite the many challenges they faced before and during the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

She opined that the sporting world would be forced to respect Nigeria and other African countries.

โ€œI think everybody counted us out against England,โ€ Plumptre told The Athletic.

โ€œAnd Iโ€™m telling you, after this game, Iโ€™m tired of people just saying that African teams are just strong and theyโ€™re just fast and count us out as being technical or tactical.

โ€œWe just pushed England to the very end. And I actually think that we had better chances than them.

ย โ€œWe made a statement here. We wonโ€™t be forgotten for what weโ€™ve done, and this will just be the foundation moving forward”, she said.

โ€œNow we have expectations to get out of this group all the time. To push these teams all the time. We just need to keep believing in ourselves and get the backing we deserve, and I think we can go a long way,โ€ Plumptre added.

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