Tinubu Still On Track With Renewed Hope Agenda-Ronke Bello

By Bukola Kayode

Leadership expert and member of the Public Affairs Directorate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Dr. Ronke Bello, has said President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is still on track with his ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda.

Bello during a recent appearance on AIT’s Focus Nigeria said the President is fully aware of the hardship majority of citizens are currently facing and he is working to implement short, medium and long tern solutions to ameliorate the suffering of the people.

She noted that challenges such as high level poverty and insecurity, unemployment and hunger are inherited problems which need a lot of time and effort to be resolved. Bello however assured that President Tinubu has what it takes to reposition the country in terms of the economy as well as ensure  the safety of lives and property.

She said: “Mr. President’s started his journey to fulfil his promise of making Nigeria an egalitarian society, yes, there are visible issues on ground.  Speaking on behalf of Nigerians, we can say there is hunger, there is poverty, the Naira to Dollar exchange rate is high, there is high-level insecurity and there is the problem of poor power supply. But if we are to put things in proper perspectives, these problems didn’t start with the current President or even the President before him, what President Tinubu talked about renewing hope, is by confronting these problems.

“So, we are not denying the existence of these challenges, what we are saying is that, Nigeria now has statesman as who has said, he doesn’t need any pity, that he has taken a job which he promises to deliver on. President Tinubu is working on these problems, he has been sincere, by acknowledging that these problems need to be solved”.  

Bello also rejected calls for a reversal of some of President Tinubu’s policies, saying that reversing these policies would derail the President.

“Yes there are policies a leader introduces and when the leader or his team sees that these policies aren’t bringing desired results, he can reverse, suspend or review the policies. The Presidency is not a job for which you have rehearsals, so a President reversing a policy is not out of place.

“Now, for the policies which the President has not reversed, these policies aren’t necessarily bad policies, I think the gap comes from the effects of these policies not being well communicated to the people”, she stressed.

When asked if Tinubu’s appointments have been lopsided in favour of the South-West and Lagos State especially, Bello replied in the negative, insisting that the President is a nationalist and has not been sectional with his appointments.

“The President is a nationalist, his disposition and mindset was clearly shown right from the composition of his campaign team, up the appointments he has made. The President has appointed ministers from all of the 36 states of the federation as stipulated by the constitution. He also has appointed Director-Generals to head agencies from different parts of the country. His appointments from different parts of the country can be seen as far as the Presidential Villa.

“The problem could be that some of the appointments are a bit from his Lagos team, but to say that he is focused on appointing people from Lagos is not absolutely correct. There are so many people who are not from Lagos who have appointed by the President”, she said.

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