Toyin Saraki urges mothers to ensure full immunisation of children

Mrs Toyin Ojora Saraki administers Oral Polio Vaccines and distributes Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets at Lugbe PHC, Abuja



President of Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Mrs Toyin Ojora Saraki, on Thursday  joined health workers at the Lugbe Primary Healthcare Centre in Abuja to administer Oral Polio Vaccines to children.

Mrs.Saraki’s visit coincides with World Malaria Day and the World Vaccination Week.

Following the administration of the vaccination, Mrs Saraki also distributed insecticide treated mosquito nets to mothers.

Children under 5 are particularly at risk of malaria, which takes the life of a child every two minutes.


“I commend all the mothers present here today from our MamaCare classes for their decision to have their babies immunised from polio during this African Vaccination Week at Lugbe PHC. This decision you have made to have your baby immunised from polio is a wise decision that is giving your baby protection until they grow up, so that this disease that is preventable will not affect your baby. I congratulate you for this wise decision.”

“I want to congratulate officials from the Abuja Municipal Area Council, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, the Council representatives and all the mothers present here today, because this is the Nigeria that we want. I want to also employ all our mothers to make sure that their children are fully immunised and also keep proper records of the dates. I have also brought insecticide treated mosquito nets for you all, because I don’t want your babies falling ill with malaria. Ensure that you keep your environment clean and use these mosquito nets from 4pm when malaria-carrying mosquitoes start emerging”, she said at the event.

Mrs Saraki, a Health-for-All Champion, was recently named by Devex as one of four women playing major roles in global health.

She is also a special advisor to the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) of WHO AFRO, the World Health Organization’s presence in Africa.




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