TY Danjuma Asks Nigerians To Defend Themselves By Fighting Back

T.Y Danjuma

The former Minister of Defence Gen. TY Danjuma (retd) has again called on the public to defend themselves against violent attacks.

Danjuma who is considered one of the country’s power-brokers made a similar call in 2018, leading to a controversy.

In his goodwill message at the presentation of staff of office to 25 Aku-Uka of Wukari in Taraba State, Manu Ishaku Adda Ali, on Saturday, Danjuma again alleged that the Armed Forces were either unwilling to defend the country or that Nigeria is under siege.

He argued that Nigerians not having arms to fight have made them lame ducks waiting to be killed.

He said : “As a soldier, the best defence is attack. Right now, we are all sitting ducks. These people are armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction but we don’t have them. We have the numbers and the land belongs to us. They are trying to colonise us and take over our lands. Your majesty, you must unite our people to defend themselves.

“I will not give you arms. Find out how the people who have it got it and use the same means to acquire arms and defend yourselves. This beautiful land called Nigeria is been brought to ruin by absolutely useless criminals. How do they get here? We know some of them may even be here. My prayer is that God almighty that has given us this land will give us the courage to face this enemy and chase them out. This we must do, otherwise, Nigeria is finished.

“We must find out the source of the arms of terrorists; Nigerians should equally find a means of arming themselves to face the terrorists,” he said.

He said when he accused the military of colluding with terrorists, he was called a liar, but now, Nigerians have realised the truth.

He said after his statement in 2018, a “Kangaroo panel” was set up  by the military and he was  invited to defend what he said but he refused to appear before the penal

Danjuma, while congratulating the new Aku_Uka for ascending the throne of his forefathers, advised him to unite the Jukun people.

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