Why I Won’t Breastfeed My Kids-Nollyood Starlet, Monalisa Stephen


Nollywood actress cum social media influencer, Monalisa Stephen is very protective of her big, pointing boobs and therefore has vowed not to have a child that will suck and make them drop.

Saturday Sunhad asked her if she hasn’t changed her mind about jealously guarding her breasts to the extent of not having her own biological children that will feed on them,Monalisa reiterated that it was a personal decision she took while a teenager.

“Yes, I am still standing on my decision not to have my own kids. It was a decision I took when I was 16. I will rather go for adoption than have my own children. In fact, I may dedicate my life work to catering to kids around the world,” she said. “I hope my future husband will understand and respect my decision.”



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