Why we stormed Melaye’s house – Police

Sen. Melaye and IGP, Idris
 …..Melaye says orderlies have been withdrawn, brother arrested 

The police said on Monday night that the siege on Senator Dino Melaye’s residence was necessitated by his involvement in a case of unlawful possession of prohibited firearms.

The Nation reports the Force Deputy Spokesman, Adeniran Aremu, saying: “Our action was prompted by the fact that he was invited in a case of unlawful possession of firearms and other crimes.

“The police had invited him on more than two or three occasions but he failed to honour the invitations. That is why we are there right now.

“You know when a case is in court, there is no law that stops you from further questioning if you need to answer question on the suspects.

“There is no law that stops the police from further inviting him or asking question about the case.”

Meanwhile, Melaye tweeted on Monday night that his police orderlies have been withdrawn  and that his brother, Moses had been arrested by the police.

“All my policemen have been taken away with their arms. One CP came and took them away. There is also a plan to set me up again. But in God I trust. Truth will always prevail. We are in a civil society. No warrant and case is in court yet this lawlessness. I’m a responsible NIGERIAN and law abiding. There is a plan to kill me and I know about it. We are not in a banana Republic. I can not be silenced. @BBCBreaking AFRICA @BBCBreaking. My brother Moses and his friend have just been arrested by the police in front of my house” he stated in a series of tweets


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