Wife, 4 daughters of Indian policeman hire assassins to murder him

The wife and four daughters of an Indian policeman have been accused of hiring assassins to murder him for his $115,921 pension.

They also said one other reason for hiring a hit man to kill their breadwinner was because he refused to let them wear jeans.

The bloody corpse of Meharbaan Ali, a sub-inspector, was discovered in a sewage canal in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, just 250 metres from the family home on Sunday, reports Daily Mail.

Police arrested Zahida Begum, 52, and her daughters: Saba, 26; Zeenat, 22; Iram, 19; and Alia, 18, at their house in Shahjahanpur after the women confessed to hiring two contract killers to murder him.

After Ali’s body was found, an investigation was launched, with Police saying that significant clues from close circuit cameras installed at the location helped them to crack the case.


Daya Chand Sharma, Inspector at Sadar Bazaar Police station, said the mother and daughters were upset with the strict restrictions Ali had imposed upon them, including banning them from wearing jeans.

He said: “Ever since the body of Ali was found, we suspected the involvement of family members, because the body was found just 250 metres from their house.

“We took out the call detail records of all the family members and found that Ali’s wife, Zahida, was regularly calling a number.”

The Police investigation established that the victim had arrived home at 10.45am, after leaving the Police station at 10am on Saturday.

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