Yinka Ayefele Explains To His Children Why He Can’t Walk

Yinka Ayefele

Nigerian singer, Yinka Ayefele, posted a touching video of himself responding to questions from his kids regarding how he lost the use of his legs on December 12, 1997, exactly 26 years ago.

Ayefele, who uses a wheelchair after suffering spinal cord damage in a car accident shared the video of this conversation on his Instagram page.

The musician and his wife, Temitope, welcomed their set of triplets in 2019.

Two of Ayefele’s triplets can be seen conversing with him. One of them, Richard, questioned his dad about why he was unable to stand again.

The legendary musician replied that he was involved in a car accident.

The inquisitive boy, unsatisfied, asked for more information regarding the accident.

After that, Ayefele described how he was driving on a slippery road when his car repeatedly somersaulted before coming to rest in a pit.

He also described how he was brought to the hospital and treated in the UK after that.

“They always want me to stand up… And they keep asking me why every day, even up till last night… I tried hard not to be emotional… Indeed, it was ‘My turning point. 12/12/1997’. To God be the Glory,” he captioned the video.

After asking in turn, why he is unable to walk, the children then prayed for their father’s healing.


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