Yobe, Zamfara, Sokoto least peaceful states in Nigeria-Study

Mr. Abdulaziz Yari, former governor of Zamfara State
South West Governors

* South West most peaceful region

An independent Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Foundation for Peace Professionals (FPP), has unveiled Nigeria Peace Index (NPI) research focusing on measuring peace tendencies through foundational indices.
The Executive Director of Foundation for Peace Professionals (FPP), Ambassador Abdulrazaq Hamzat explained that measuring peace at the national level allows a country to assess the social, political and economic factors that create peace.
He pointed out that ‘’human attitudes, which often impede peace is a total summation of human life experiences, which if improved upon may lead to a more peaceful society, and failure of which leaves us with constant unrest’’.
Explaining the methodology used in developing the index, Abdulrazaq stated that, in attempting to rate the level of peace in Nigeria, NPI investigated the extent to which states experience social, economic, political and environmental factors that either hinders or promote peace.
Five broad indicators were adopted for the index and they include, Level of Poverty, Crime Rate, Level of Education, Rate of Human Rights Abuses and Level of Incarceration.
‘’We collected data for year 2010-2016, an average of which gives us the result of Nigeria peace Index 2017’’ He said.
Abdulrazaq also added that, ‘’The NPI was referenced in a special report presented at the United Nations in 2017 by United Network of Young Peace builders titled ‘’Mapping a Sector: Bridging the Evidence Gap on Youth-Driven Peace building’’.
Speaking about regional performances, South West emerged as most peaceful region in Nigeria, having two of its states, Osun and Ekiti as 1st and 3rd most peaceful states on the Nigeria Peace Index.
Additionally, the South South region, despite the activities of militancy groups still has more tendency of peace than South East, North Central, North West and North East region.
The NPI report indicates that Osun and Kogi State are most peaceful states in Nigeria, followed by Ekiti, Kwara and Imo State, which emerged as 3rd, 4th and 5th most peaceful states respectively.
The index also revealed that Yobe, Kebbi, Bauchi, Zamfara and Sokoto State are the five least peaceful states in Nigeria. This is apart from Borno State that was not considered in the research due to insufficient data and the Boko Haram red light.
The representative of Statistician General of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Mr Ichedi S.J also commended the efforts of FPP, stating that the organizations effort is an attempt to begin the process of changing Nigeria’s narrative.


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