Zimbabwean man rapes 61 year old wheelchair bound woman

A man, Francis Franco, has been arraigned in court on allegations of raping a 61-year-old woman who moves with the aid of a wheelchair.

Franco, 31, was one of the construction workers the woman had contracted to build her house in Zimbabwe. The woman suffered a stroke that paralysed her hands and legs.

Franco denied the rape charges when he appeared before magistrate Mrs. Sandra Mupindu. He was remanded in custody until the commencement of trial, reports H-Metro on Friday.


Prosecutor Mr. Liberty Gono, alleged that on November 16 last year, Franco went to the woman’s house around 1pm and sneaked into the room where she was sleeping.

It was alleged that Franco demanded to have sexual intercourse with the woman and she turned down his proposal. He then switched on the television and increased the volume so that no one would hear the woman’s screams.

After the act, Franco fled from the scene.

The woman later told her neighbour what had happened and they proceeded to make a police report, leading to Franco’s arrest

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