Grateful Followers Celebrate Major GiveAway By Engr. Funmi Waheed-Adejoko

Giving to the less privileged and uplifting young people is an act that brings top entrepreneur and philanthropist, Engineer Funmi Waheed- Adekojo much joy.
This explains why the much loved philanthropist never lacks ideas through which she can assist people.
The latest of her of innovations in giving during her increasingly popular Instagram Live interactions with youths during which she doles out cash prizes to some of her legion of followers.
Aside from the cash handed to followers, many watch her show as it consists of both motivational talk and talent hunt segments with top celebrities and achievers, usually orators invited to speak instigate change and inspire followers to positive action. Winning is easy as youths who send in their entries are screened by a panel of judges.
The panel is selected in such a way that no member appears twice.
For the first episode 100,000 Naira was given to the first set of winners. By the fifth episode which took place over the weekend, 15 participants won 160,000 each. 170,000 Naira was won by each of the successful talents last weekend.
Participants send in their own pre-recorded contributions on the pre-selected topics into her Instagram page. Every Saturday at 10:00pm during a live program anchored by her, winners are picked by the judges during a program anchored by her. Before the selection process, the live audience listens to the motivational speakers for the day. And the audience have the opportunity of contributing as well as asking questions.
FunmiAyinke Waheed Adekojo, revealed that she gives money to those who need start up capital, encourage those who are already in business but need some cash to move to a new level.
Students and others who are in desperate financial situation are also believed to have benefited with the testimonies we heard from those who have benefited from the program.
The philanthropist who has carved a niche for herself for helping widows and youths and who recently veered into music and has released hit songs is said to have enjoyed some support from sponsors for the program.
According to her she gets a sense of fulfilment coming to the aid of fellow citizens especially in the post Covid-19 era when many are managing to stay afloat.


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