Army To Host Roundtable On National Asymmetrical Security Challenges

By Kemi Yesufu  

The Nigerian Army Research Centre has concluded arrangements to host a two-day roundtable on Asymmetrical National Security Challenges, the Army and National Development in conjunction with Development Specs Academy.

Director-General of the Nigerian Army Resource Centre, Brig-General Garuba Wahab (Retd) explained that the meeting will be a platform for serving and retired commanders to share honest experiences garnered from dealing with the asymmetrical security challenges plaguing the North-West.

Speaking at a media briefing held on Friday in Abuja, to announce the meeting scheduled for the 24th and 25th  of June, Wahab emphasized the importance of the Army sharing and updating knowledge within its structure and also from the outside through open discussions with critical stakeholders such as the academia and the media.  

Also speaking at the media parley, Executive Director of Development Specs Academy, Prof Okey Ikechukwu stated that Roundtable is designed as a third-party initiative, to collate and present implementable action points on pressing asymmetrical national security challenges.

He said: “This RoundTable shall project national interest narratives in an objective and professional manner, while promoting public understanding of the roles, and achievements, of the Nigerian Army in the ongoing efforts to protect and secure the Nigerian State. It will also project National Interest Communication without Propaganda (NIC–P) and hopefully metamorphose into a platform for regular updates on the efforts of the Nigerian Army and the national security apparatus.

“From our pre-event investigations, surveys and consultations for this RoundTable, it became clear that more and more Nigerians see and treat national security problems that are threatening their very lives,  as purely the business of the military and, especially, the army. That is why this RoundTable seeks to drive a new narrative, by getting Nigeria’s various publics to see and understand their roles, and the roles of other key actors, in the wider national ecosystem of synchronised security”

Ikechukwu further explained that Roundtable will use Chatham House rules to project Third-Party presentations, accounts and suggestions that the Nigerian Army and other players in the national security framework may not be able to put in the public domain due to constraints of professional protocols and political considerations.

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