Democracy Day: Ajulo Hails Buhari On Infrastructure, Tasks President On Power, Job Creation

President Muhammadu Buhari

Dr. Kayode Ajulo, a constitutional lawyer has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari over his infrastructural development drive, saying he has done a lot in the area of transportation and other critical sectors of the economy.

Ajulo, the former National Secretary of Labour Party commended the President in his reaction to the President’s speech on the occasion of the commemoration and celebration of Democracy Day on Saturday in Abuja.

“Let us be sincere when it comes to infrastructural development, Buhari has done a lot and such kind of laudable achievements should not be wished away”, he stated.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo

He however called on the President to redouble his effort in the area of electricity, while urging him to look into electricity sector as little or nothing had been achieved in that area.

On security, Ajulo said that more premium should be placed on security to curtail the present security challenges, stressing that the President should give more attention to community policing.
He said that a clear cut policy on community policing should be looked into, adding that such policy should be able to bring lasting solution to the issue of insecurity in the country.
The lawyer aligned with the President’s stance on constitutional amendment that only the National Assembly can amend the constitution. “The President just said it as it is, only NASS can alter the constitution, the President has no such power but only NASS can amend the constitution”, he stressed.  

Ajulo however said that the President, “could use his power as the President, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation, the only office whose constituency is the entire country and the leader of his party, the All Progressives Congress(APC) to lobby the lawmaker whose party are in the majority”. 

“Buhari has a role to play as the leader of his party with majority in both chambers of the National Assembly, anybody can lobby but the President can do more with the enormous power he posses to change the constitution,” he added
On the claim of employment for millions of Nigeria youths, Ajulo said from his experience much need to be done to tackle the state of unemployment, he said the statistics being peddled is not cast on stone as from his experience the number of youths that depend on him has increased with triple figures within the last 5 years and there’s urgent need by the government to arrest the dire unemployment situation in the country.

He further stated that unemployment is a dangerous fuel for the insecurity flame.


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