Gabon Coup Leaders Name General Brice Oligui Nguema As New Leader

Gabon’s coupists on Wednesday have announced General Brice Oligui Nguema as the country’s transitional leader.

Gen Nguema was earlier carried triumphally through the streets of the capital Libreville by his troops.

The deposed President, Ali Bongo, has appeared in a video at his home, calling on his “friends all over the world” to “make noise” on his behalf. He revealed that he had ben separated from his son and wife.

The former French colony is one of Africa’s major oil producers.

Mr Bongo’s overthrow ended his family’s 55-year rule in the Central African state.

Army officers appeared on TV in the early hours of Wednesday to say they had taken power.

They said they had annulled the results of Saturday’s election in which Mr Bongo was declared the winner but which the opposition said was fraudulent.

The officers also said they had arrested one of Mr Bongo’s sons for treason.

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