I defamed Eniola Badmus For Rent Money – TikTok user

A TikTok user, Ego Okoye, who was arrested for making defamatory statements against actress Eniola Badmus, has confessed to defaming the actress because a friend, Fortune Ibe, promised to pay her N200,000 to do so.

Okoye has been seen in a viral clip pleading that she needed the money to pay her house rent, adding that desperation pushed her lying on Eniola.

Okoye said, “What happened was that a friend of mine, Fortune Ibe, said if I should come out and talk about Mrs Eniola Badmus, he was going to send me N200k because I told him about my rent.

“That was what prompted the video. I am so sorry; I just did that because I was desperate to pay my house rent. I just did it because of the money.”

Meanwhile, Badmus has rejected Okoye’s pleas to settle the matter out of court as she insisted on charging her for maligning her hard-earned reputation.

Asked if she had ever done anything wrong to her, Okoye, in a terse response, said, “Nothing.”

Badmus added, “You just decided to spoil my name. Don’t worry; we are going to court. This is the girl who called me a professional pimp. Have I pimped you before? Your friend, where is she? You must provide her; don’t you have the friend again? She must come back; she will be your witness.”


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