My Husband Drugged Me Every Night To Rape My Niece, Lagos Doctor’s Wife Tells Court

Aderemi Faleye wife of a Lagos medical doctor accused of rape has said her husband was confirmed sex addict by a phycologist, who warned her that her daughter could end up being a victim to her husband.

She also revealed told the court on Monday how he gave her sleeping pills every night to sneak in to her niece’s room to rape her.

Aderemi was giving testimony at the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Mrs Olaleye, a real estate entrepreneur, told the court that her husband gave her “junior aspirin” and Phenergan every night.

She said: My lord, Femi, most nights, gives me a small tablet.

“When I looked at this incident, I wept. How was this incident going on in my home and I did not know?

“Femi gives me medication every night and he claims that it is junior aspirin that will avert blood clots because I’m turning 50 years old soon.

“My lord, maybe a medical examination should be conducted on me. I want to believe that I slept my way through all his atrocities”.

The niece (name withheld) came to live with the family in December 2019, when she was 15 years old after her guardian, who was also Mrs Olaleye’s mother, died.

According to the witness, her husband raped her niece from March 2020 to November 2021 at their Maryland residence in Lagos.

Mrs Olaleye said her niece confessed to her aunt that he had anal sex with her in his study and threatened her that if she revealed it to anyone, he would kill her, his wife and the children.

While responding to questions from a state lawyer, Babatunde Martins, Mrs Faleye said the matter came to the fore when her children’s nanny reported to her that her niece had been rude.

Her husband, Femi Olaleye, is facing a two-count charge of defilement and sexual assault by penetration of his wife’s niece when she was 16 years old.

Her niece, the alleged rape victim, turned 18 years old in March.

The accused, a cancer advocate, was arraigned by the Lagos State government in November.

The doctor pleaded not guilty to the charge preferred against him. He was granted bail but has yet to fulfil the conditions.

She explained to the court that in December 2021, her husband checked into Grace Cottage Clinic, a rehabilitation centre in the Ilupeju area of the state.

She said the psychologist, one Ogunnubi, called her that her husband is suffering from sex addiction.

She told the court that the psychologist told her that if he isn’t “properly taken care of, my own child can be a victim.”

Amidst tears, she said when one Inspector Esther came to their residence for an on-site investigation, her daughter told her (the inspector) that she had seen her father undress her niece.

Mrs. Olaleye said she reported her husband to protect her daughter and other girls. She said she fully understood that her husband must be stopped.

When asked why she reported her husband to the police, she described what he did as evil.

“I was raised to be a strong and confident woman,” she told the court.

“…I have a girl child…if this evil is not stopped, it will continue.”


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