Nigerians Divided Over Redesigned Naira Notes

Nigerians have taken to social media platforms to share their views on the newly redesigned Naira notes.

President Muhammadu Buhari officially unveiled the new notes on Wednesday, even as he reiterated his support for the latest action by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

While Buhari has announced his acceptance of the re-designed Naira notes, many Nigerians have reacted to contrary. This is even as other have expressed likeness for the new notes.

Yusuf Muhammed said in a comment on a post by Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, that the entire process of redesigning the Naira amounted a waste of scarce resources.

Yusuf Muhammad said : ” I felt really disappointed at the new naira notes. It’s very appalling, and unprofessional by those who did the “redesign” it was only the colour that was changed. The unnecessary money that was wasted in the “redesign “, could have been used to settle ASUU and to as well complete other vital projects that this administration hasn’t completed”.

On the contrary another follower of Adesina’s, Ahmad Khalid, expressed happiness of the new notes, saying, “May Almighty Allah bless our president commander in chief,Long live Nigeria, credit to our Minting and printing plc”.

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