7,000 illegal weapons destroyed in Nigeria-FG

The Presidential Committee On Small Arms and Light Weapons (PRESCOM)  announced that over 7,000 illegal weapons have been destroyed in Nigeria.
According to PRESCOM National Coordinator, Mr. Orji Dickson explained that arms destruction exercises conducted in three locations  led to the  destruction of over 640 weapons in benue, over 625 weapons  in Katsina and 5,970 weapons in Zamfara. “Collectively we have destroyed close to 7000 weapons across Nigeria.” he said.
Orji this known at the  opening ceremony of the the ongoing TOT Course on Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) Organised by the United Nations Regional Center for Peace and Disarmament in Africa (UNREC) and PRESCOM on Monday in abuja.
He noted that the training will enhance the capacity of the Nigerian Millitary and para millitary in effective stockpile management to combat proliferation of arms across nigerian borders
Orji who represented the Chairman of PRESCOM, Amb. Emmanuel Imohe, noted that the  ‘staggering” quantity of illegal arms in circulation in the country was alarming.
“In Nigeria we are worried about the quantity of weapons crossing the border into the country, in 2016, we conducted a national survey on all arms and light weapons proliferation in nigeria and you will  be amazed at what we discovered at the quantity of weapons circulating in nigeria, the figures us staggering,” he said.
He tasked state governments to begin disarmament programmes in their various states to encourage civilian disarmament, because according to him  most weapons that are illicit are in the hands of civillians and non state actors.
He informed that so far 10 states have indicated interest, which are ; Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Kaduna, and Katsina, Akwaibom and cross river, rivers imo and Benue.
He warned that civilians and non state actors who posses arms for protection or livelihood are only endangering their lives further, urging them to voluntarily disarm themselves in exchange for other alternatives.
He further explained that as means of encouraging civilian disarmament, PRESCOM in partnership with the ECOWAS EU small arms project will provide alternative means if livelihood.
He continued: ‘The ECOWAS EU has a component of alternative livelihood progress well as micro projects for the community, all those being disarmed we are providing them alternative means of livelihood and the various communities who agreed to work with us we give them 3 micro projects
The political affairs officer, UNREC, Rumongi Jean Bosco said that the TOT was designed to provide security agencies with the necessary tools mainly operation and administrative standard, to achieve international standard on stockpile management
He also assured that UNREC will continue to support Nigeria in the fight against illicit arms and light wepon.


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