Nigerians Link MMM: Founder’s Sergei Mavrodi’s Death To Karma


*Blame Mavrodi’s Death On Huge Losses Suffered By Compatriots


Nigerian have shown little compassion over the death of founder of MMM pyramid scheme, Sergei Mavrodi, with Twitter users taking to the social media platform to share their opinions on his passing.

Mavrodi reportedly died today of heart attack at the age of 62.

PUNCH reports that the comment came mostly from Nigerians and other Twitter users who don’t have good stories to tell about the  Ponzi scheme.

According to PUNCH, some of the comments raised questions about the circumstances that surrounded his death, even as more commentators the Russian’s death from a heart attack a clear case of Karma.

News broke before noon on Monday that the MMM founder died of heart attack after he was admitted to a Russian hospital.

Mavrodi inaugurated his pyramid scheme in 2011 and it crashed in Nigeria in December 2016.

Osas Cruz tweeted: “Founder Of MMM Sergey Mavrodi
Is Dead…. Prayers of Nigerians”, to which another Twitter user responded, “Sergey Mavrodi is dead, who will refund my money? Who knows any of his relatives”?

Another Nigerian Twitter user with the handle Dede also stated: “Sergey Mavrodi don kick bucket!! When Baba Durojegbe’s money got hung on that MMM i knew he wasn’t going to allow the thing pass like that. If u know, you know”.


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